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July 19, 2023

How I made my first $371,000!

Hey there! My name is Ryan Dossey and I’m a real estate investor, husband/father, entreprenuer and “flow” junkie. I put this course together as an “antidote” to the gurus who charge newbies $997. This is a resource that I would have KILLED for when I was just starting out. 

I’ve always said I’m here to serve those who have the dream not sell it. Hence… My content for newbies is 100% free. 

I’ve generated over 67 MIL in results for regular folks like you all around the Us. This course is totally free. The only thing I ask (if you get value out of it) is that you tell a friend. 

You came here from a Fb/Ig ad which means I’m investing in YOUR future. 

Let’s dive into who I made my first 371k in RE step by step for dummies level simple. 

I’ve always struggled with newbies asking for help. I was once in your shoes. I didn’t graduate highschool and I was living on my own at 17. If I was able to figure this out (without financial help) so can you. This is my antidote to the folks selling courses to newbies. I don’t want your $$$ I want you to get results.

The content you’re going to get inside of this course made me over six figures the first year I applied it! I hope that you find the same level of success with it that I have.

Being paycheck to paycheck is NOT a fun way to live. You were not born to pay bills and die. You were born to make an impact. It's easier to change the world when you have margin in your finance (extra money).

The next video is a pretty blunt video about the sketchy practices that occur in wholesaling.

With reverse wholesaling, you don’t have to know how to run comps, estimate repair costs, or scramble to find someone to buy the house from you… You also don’t have to pretend (lie) that you’re the one buying it when you know deep down that you can’t.

Reverse Wholesaling is simple. It’s really simple! 

1) Find someone who wants to sell their house (we’ll teach you how later) 

2) Walk their property, take notes, and get tons of pictures. 

3) Send the notes/pictures to an investor (we’ll teach you how to find them later) 

4) The investor tells you what they want to pay. 

5) You make them an offer that is BELOW #4. 

6) You get to keep the difference!

Free Lead Tracker

Here's a FREE swipe template that you can use with your own buyers!

You might have to go through a couple of lame buyers to find a good one. It’s pretty rare that you’ll have someone screw you out of a deal but it WILL happen at some point in your career.

If I had a budget of $500 or less I’d apply the methods in this course focusing on the free methods and using door hangers:

If I had a budget of 500-1k I’d snag some door hangers, use the free methods, and hit niche’ lists with the greeting letters:

If I had a budget of 2k+ I’d check out the postcard sequences:

I’m going to walk you through what to do if you literally have ZERO dollars. These are methods that I’ve personally used to make $$$ in real estate when I didn’t have anything more than time that I could spend.

We utilize Propstream EXTENSIVELY to pull mailing lists. You can get a free 7-day trial by clicking here! This is an affiliate link which means I’ll earn a commission if you utilize them. I ONLY promote tools that I’m personally utilizing to generate a profit inside of my own company.

I own Ballpoint Marketing and have bought tens of millions of dollars worth of real estate directly from their products. 

I HIGHLY recommend that you use BPM to do your mail. A lot of folks make the mistake of trying to “do it themselves” to save a few $$$ and it’s just not the best usage of your time.

If you want to LEARN how to do direct marketing the right… 

I’ve put together this free book for you. 

It’s called:

"Direct Marketing Guide for Real Estate Investors"

Check it out:

With direct mail, there is a right and a wrong way to do it.

To be totally transparent I don’t do a ton of cold calling. I prefer “inbound leads” where people are calling me. That being said I would be lying if I didn’t mention that I HAVE made over six-figures cold calling sellers.

The only real cold calling I do now is on my mail that gets sent back to me by the post office (we call this RTS or return to sender mail).

My favorite data provider is Skip Genie. In my experience, they have the most accurate data in the industry. You’ll find tons of people trying to sell phone numbers for less money but they’ll be junk/dead/wrong numbers. This is NOT an area you want to cheap out on if you’re cold calling.

I don’t do any SMS marketing anymore. It feels like too much of a gray area to me and I don’t love the user experience. That being said… A lot of guys are using a service called Launch Control.

A GREAT free place to start learning about Facebook ads is their Blueprint course which you can go through for free right here:

Deal Machine is one of my favorite tools for newbie investors that are looking to get started finding deals. You can get a free trial and 35 marketing credits using our affiliate link here: Free Trial 

I have personally bought rentals and made over $100,000 using these methods… So don’t sleep on them.

Finding Buyers: Legit Ones

There are a lot of “pretend” buyers out there. This is how to not get shafted by sketchy folks. 

You are NOT going to have everything figured out as you go through this process. The KEY to making money doing this is to take massive consistent action. You need to meet with/make 7 offers on average to get ONE deal!

I’ve run THOUSANDS of appointments in my career (between my staff and I) and I took all of that knowledge and distilled it for you into just a few minutes. Check it out below. 

Here’s the ACTUAL sheet that I used to sell deals to one of my buyers: Check it out

Under video 5 above I shared the template for this with you to create your own! 

I’ve attached some templates under the next video but you NEED to have your buyer or your attorney tweak/review these for your own market. You agree to hold Create CF LLC and/or Ryan Dossey harmless if you choose to utilize them.

The more “exit strategies” you have the more money you’ll be able to make.

A few money lenders that we’ve heard good things about are and

A quick note… ANYONE advertising online (especially on social media or in Facebook groups) is likely a scammer. Key giveaways are terms like “loans from $50,000 to $50,000,000 with rates as low as 5%”. These guys will make you pay a fee to start the process and disappear with your cash.

Most LEGIT lenders are charging 8-9% interest with a 1-3% origination fee but that is ALL paid through the title company or closing attorney.

Down below I’ve included an Excel file that I call a “scorecard” this is a great way to track what you’re doing and figure out YOUR own function equation.

I’ve included below this next clip our job description and expectations for an employee in this role.

Applying the information in this changed my life so I’m giving it to you for free. I simply want to be a small part of your success in life. 

Subscribe on Youtube if you haven’t and follow me on IG to get connected! 

I’m proud of you, 


My results are my own. There is never any guarantee or “promise” of success in real estate or with ANY training (let alone a free one). To succeed in real estate is going to take time, money, credit, and effort. Anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you a course or lying to you. Consult your own advisors results not typical but neither is hardwork. 

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