From broke high school dropout…to 7-Figure Real Estate Magnate.

"I hate to talk about myself here, but if you’re going to be working with me as a lender, or a student, or a client, then you should know a few things about me…"

Ryan Dossey’s story…and how he’s touched thousands of investors' lives.

Like most entrepreneurs, I didn’t come from money.

In fact, I didn’t even finish high school. I started working full-time when I was 17 years old selling car warranties over the phone (damn, that job sucked!). The good part about it is for a young 17-year-old, $23,000 is pretty decent for a first-time wage and I learned how to overcome the fear of being on the phone pretty quickly. But, after I got married in my early 20s, I quickly realized that my weak salary isn’t enough to support someone else.

So I started searching for other solutions.

Like most real estate investors, I stumbled across (BP). Coming across BP was like opening Pandora’s Box for me; it was like jumping into a rabbit hole to a whole nother world. I absorbed everything in it: wholesaling, rehabbing, marketing, etc. I met a bunch of people in my market of Indianapolis, through BP, as well. After a couple of months of exploring this “magical” land of off-market deal finding… I decided:

“I’m going to be a FULL-time wholesaler!”

But, my start as a brand new wholesaler wasn’t all roses and unicorns.

There’s the story of how I got a FREE house but lost $30,000 😬… It was literally a house that was given to me. But it ended up being the neighborhood whore house with a huge amount of work needed and a bunch of code enforcement liens.

There’s the story of how I lost a house 🔥… literally LOST a house…. I screwed up the titling when I bought the house and Murphy’s law kicked in and a fire burned down the house to ash. Sure, I had it insured. But there was a big problem: The house was titled under my private lenders LLC, and the insurance was under MY LLC. Because of that, the insurance hardly paid us anything. Fortunately for the lender, I’m someone who values relationships and paid him back in spades quickly after.

There’s that time when I paid for my handyman’s personal house remodel 💳… Sometimes, good help is hard to come by. Well, this “fine gentleman” I hired as a full-time handyman paid for his whole personal home remodel using my company’s credit card.

You can see all my lessons learned in this new book I wrote, called: 28 Costly Mistakes of an 8-figure Real Estate Investor...and how to avoid them.

The point is…

Any big goal worth pursuing is not even close to being EASY.

You might see my videos of me driving a Ferrari… (that car is 100% owned by me not rented unlike make fake guru’s on social media. For years, before I actually bought a Ferrari, I had a picture of one on my personal “Vision Board”. I like my exotic cars 😃.

You might see videos of me mailing tens of thousands of letters and postcards monthly… (That is where 80% of my deals come from. It’s easily managed and works like a machine. To see the print house I use and why I get 1.5% response rates. Check it out here:

None of that came overnight.

And fast forward to today, after years of learning about the nuances of real estate, creating processes for marketing, learning the nuances of hiring staff…

… I now own cash-flowing properties.

… I also have a wholesaling and flipping operation with a full staff:

… I run one of the biggest masterminds for off-market investors.

… I am able to give back to causes that I believe in.

My wife and I heavily invest in anti-human trafficking / education programs via and Hand of Hope. Ever since we were broke teenagers these causes have been extremely important to us. I've always believed that part of why I'm on earth is to fund the causes I care about.

I’ve also built two other 7-figure businesses specifically for investors (and that I use myself): Call Porter (an answering service for investors). Ballpoint Marketing (unique handwritten mailers).

All these together have not only built me a lifestyle beyond my wildest dreams…

It’s also helped build incredible lifestyles for OTHERS as well.

From investors looking to park their own money for a good return… to new off-market investors wanting to create their own flipping business … to existing off-market flippers/investors wanting to scale their businesses using the tools and services I use…

Whatever your path in real estate…

I might be able to help.

So how can we work together?

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