“Real” Handwritten Letters

Ryan Dossey’s “secret” to lead generation.

About 90% of Ryan’s deals come from targeted direct mail. He specifically uses a beautifully designed 5”x7” “invitation-style” envelope with real blue handwriting—written with a robot arm that mimics human handwriting to the tee (it even sometimes leaves smudge marks like a real letter).

Check out the company and the specific letter he uses: Ballpoint Marketing

Maker Of The World's First “Handwritten Door Hanger”

Ballpoint Marketing decided to merge the powerful “old school” method of lead generation with their handwritten technology to form a marketing material that sends a personal message to your sellers door.

Every off-market investor should carry a stack of these.

Whether you’re going on appointments and have spare time to walk the neighborhood… or you see a distressed home… leave these real handwritten hangers at the door and get crazy response rates

Making waves all over the place!

We closed on our first flip yesterday. It took us 5 weeks to get it done and seller get our mailer in November 2021 and called us in April 2022. It was senior owner with equity.

PP: $105k
Rehab: $30k
SP: $174k
Adam Zajkowski
Investor / Agent
This year, from BPM, we’ve closed 31 wholesale deals (average profit = $17K), 5 new rentals, a few flips, and a 90-unit storage facility
Billy and Tara Fernades
Texas-Based Investors
“We’ve actually had to slow down because we’ve gotten more leads than we have time to handle … We’ve had multiple people tell us that they get hundreds of letters but reached out to us because ours was hand written!
Travis & Hunter
New Haus Properties