Growth Tools

Ryan Dossey’s tools for growing his RE business

If you’re an existing “off-market” investor and interested in scaling your business here’s a list of the tools and services that I’ve used to scale into an 8-figure portfolio holder, and a owner of 7-figure flipping operation. 

Handwritten Direct Mail |   Ballpoint Marketing

Since I started building my business, I realized that copying what everyone else does led to mediocre results. Instead of doing the traditional yellow letters and text postcards, I designed my own “birthday invitation” letter with real blue handwriting.

The results were explosive: getting double the response rates that “junk mail”; and those responses were quality, not junk. You can check out the letter and the postcards I use every week for my RE business here:

Lead Intake |   Callporter

Since I was doing consistent marketing, and going on appointments weekly, I was getting tired of answering those calls. They were coming in at the worst times: while I was eating dinner with the family, on vacations, and during appointments. I started looking around, using different options like PatLive and VA’s. The issue was that none of them understood the real estate market, AND there was a huge language barrier; in other words:

I was losing deals because of incompetent phone reps.

Instead, I decided to create an intake answering team that’s US-based. I trained them in REI and developed my own bullet-proof scripts. The results? My new answering service was better than me at recognizing a real seller from a tire-kicker, and automatically booking my calender with quality sellers. Today, it’s a fully built service available to all real estate investors who’re marketing for off-market deals.