Why I don’t sell newbies

August 27, 2022

I’ve been asked hundreds of times for a course/product that teaches newbies how to make money in real estate.

Here’s the thing… I get the desire. Who doesn’t want to get rich quick or make more $$$?

When I was first learning about Real Estate investing I found wholesaling when researching “How people afford Lamborghinis” in real estate. Back then, I didn’t need a Lambo. I needed a job that made me not want to slit my wrists with a spoon.

While I DO believe in courses/masterminds (shoot I personally spend $100,000+ a year on them) I think that a newbie is BETTER off taking revenue-generating action.

In marketing they tell you to “go wide” and a make-money opportunity definitely appeals to the masses but… I’d rather spend my time and effort helping people that already have the dream than selling it.

In this article I’m going to walk you through EXACTLY what I’d do if I had to start over from scratch and if I had:

  • No Money
  • $500
  • $1,000
  • $2,500
  • $5,000+

Without further ado…

“I have no money, no experience, and want to get started”

I don’t need your money. I’ll help you for free. What you’re going to find is that my free content is better than what a lot of guys sell.

I shot a FULL course that INCLUDES a community that I PERSONALLY participate in that will teach you from scratch how to make money in real estate assuming you know nothing currently.

I used it as part of a charity drive to raise $25,000 for A21.org but it’s yours for free. If you get value out of it and choose to throw $100 to A21 that would mean the world to me.

How I made $371,000 Reverse Wholesaling In A Year

Now 90%+ of people that click that link ^ won’t do anything with it. That’s the one thing I LIKE about paid courses. You have a sunk cost that motivates you to complete the training you paid for. I’m hoping that if you’re reading this you’re motivated by the fact that your life doesn’t look how you want it to look. For me it was working 40+ hours a week at a job I hated, where I was disrespected to make 23k pre-tax as a w2 employee.

My first real estate deal I made $12,000. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Read what Chase said about the course. I don’t know Chase. I’ve never met him. He simply follows me on social media and dropped $100 + some time into what I’m giving you for free. 

Screen Shot 2022-08-27 at 5.39.26 AM

Here’s the thing… None of what I can share with you will do anything for you if you don’t apply it. You’re not going to know everything or have all of the answers. That’s why our reverse wholesaling community exists. You don’t have to do this alone but I can’t do it for you.

Discover The Wholesaling Strategy That Netted Ryan $371k in 1 Year

Grab your FREE Reverse Wholesaling Course – 24 Video Lessons for everything from finding off market deals, negotiation, and how to always have a cash buyer! 

BONUS! You will also receive a copy of my book 28 Costly Mistakes of an 8-Figure Real Estate Investor… and how to avoid them


How to take action with $0:

You’ve got $0 to play with watch this video I shot on finding deals utilizing free methods.

I do have to be honest with you… I’m not a HUGE fan of the “find deals for free” methods. Nothing in life is free. It’s either going to cost you time or money. The methods I highlight in the video ^ are going to take time/sweat equity. My advice would be to pop off a deal or two and then roll your efforts into something that’s proven to work more consistently.

How to take action with $500:

Go to BallpointMarketing.com and snag some of the door hangers walk, jog, or drive around looking for ugly houses. Leave them on doors and wait for your phone to ring.

Here’s how they work.


We’ve had MULTIPLE people get deals with under 100 of these placed out.

How To Take Action With $1,000:

Set up a Propstream account and pull a few niche lists like expired MLS listings with equity or owner occupants in distress. You could snag some door hangers and go tag those properties ^. I would drop door hangers on those properties and also send them mail. Can’t afford Ballpoint yet? No worries. I’m going to show you how to do it from home on a budget. I know crazy right?

I own a direct mail company that does multi-7 figures a year and I’m showing you how to print your mail at home.

How To Take Action With $3,000:

This is where you’ve got enough of a marketing budget to statistically land a deal. According to our data, the average investor gets a deal with 2.5-5k in marketing depending on the price point of the market. It’s going to cost you more to land a deal in Los Angeles than say… Louisville Kentucky.

My #1 source of off-market deals is 5×7 greeting-style mailers from Ballpoint Marketing. On average when I invest $3,000 into marketing I’m getting a 1-1.5% response rate. If you check out my properties under “invest with me” on this site the vast majority of those properties have come from this mail. If it were me I’d pull some niche lists using Propstream‘s data. Here’s an entire playlist I’ve shot on Youtube with just about every niche list you can pull.

It’s legal, ethical, and scalable. That’s what I like!

How To Take Action With $5,000+:

This is where it starts to get really fun and predictable. It’s not that you can’t get a deal with $500 it’s just that it’s likely going to take more time/effort. If you’re in this price range you’re going to want to copy what I do. Let me show you my favorite list for larger campaigns to nicer properties.

If you’re in the 2-5k range I’d highly recommend hopping on the phone with one of our team members at BPM for a free strategy session. They’ll set you up for success with more in-depth tips/tricks and the absolute best practices.

How To Work With Me:

If you’ve got a consistent budget, and have done a deal or two, then you LIKELY would be a VERY good candidate for CCF.

CCF is my mastermind group for real estate investors that have built their business around consistently finding quality off-market deals. I currently live in Florida but am consistently doing deals in Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Baton Rouge. The members in CCF own rentals, flip houses, and wholesale. We all kind of operate under the slogan:

Keep the best, wholesale (or flip) the rest!

Inside of CCF, we’ll walk you through copying/pasting EVERY aspect of my business in your market for you. We cover branding, automating follow-ups, hiring, analyzing deals, raising private money, writing scopes of work, setting up Facebook ads, negotiations, and more. If you want to surround yourself with LEGIT investors doing deals CONSISTENTLY this is where you want to be.

CCF is NOT for everyone. We recommend a marketing budget of $40,000 a year and will hold you accountable for your results.

But our results speak for themselves. People have invested over $5,000,000 in joining CCF but we’ve landed them over $50,000,000 in member-reported results.

*Results= profit on flips, wholesale assignment fees, and equity in new rentals calculated using the 75% rule. This is not an income claim or a guarantee. 

Book A Call With My Team If You’re Interested In CCF

I’m Excited For You!

Regardless of what kind of cash you have my #1 goal in all of the content I share is to become the resource I was looking for when I first started out. That’s why I’ve posted DOZENS and DOZENS of what I call “Real Estate roadmaps” on Instagram/Facebook like this one:


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They walk you through what list the seller was on, what piece I sent them, the numbers on the deal, and why they sold to me. You should EASILY be able to land your first deal or two off of these alone.

I’m not the guy you buy a course from because his ads flashed a Rolex and a Lamborghini. I’m the guy who’s methods you copy when you want to CONSISTENTLY find off-market deals. I’m the guy you hire when you’ve got a marketing budget, big goals, and a solid work ethic.

You can build businesses that serve or enslave you, it’s up to you!

*Disclaimer: I have affiliate relationships or own some of the companies mentioned in this blog post. That means that I may earn a commission if you click on any of my links. I will NEVER promote a tool that I’m not actively utilizing inside of my own business to generate a profit.

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