Call Screening

The #1 service Ryan uses to save time and maximize every lead:

Your time is valuable. You have deals to make, systems to build, and funding to find. Your free time doesn’t need to be tied up listening to angry tire-kickers, qualifying sellers, or booking appointments— Let someone else do that. Check out the professional service that Ryan created himself, and uses every day for his own wholesaling/flipping operations:
  • 24/7 answering
  • Proven scripts & systems
  • US-based employees
  • REI specific
  • Books appointments for you

Why Call Porter?

Call Porter is the world’s only, US based, live answering service & lead management system built exclusively for real estate investors.

Buy and sell more property without being glued to the phone.

100% U.S Based & expertly trained in real estate, they use a conversational approach that builds relationship with the seller.

The results are 🔥!

Who is this for?

  • Active off-market investors/flippers/wholesalers
  • Has lead gen in place via mail, texting, cold calling, digital, etc.
  • Receiving 5+ calls a week from your marketing
  • NOT for those who are starting out and have no marketing in place

CallPorter Wins

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