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…Introducing Create Cash Flow Mastermind

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If You're Ready To Create Cash Flow, We're ready for you to join us!

We are a down to earth group of real estate investors going direct to seller to find our own deals.

Our mastermind consists of buy & hold investors, developers, flippers, and wholesalers. Our main goal is buy & hold investing (brrrr deals) but we use wholetaling, flipping, and wholesaling as alternative exit strategies.

If you’re interested in working with us directly schedule a free consult.

You get 2 live calls a week, 24/7 Slack access, and an initial 12 week accelerator where we hold you accountable in replicating all of my methods.

We will talk you through…

  • Branding,
  • Setting up a CRM,
  • Facebook ads,
  • Pay Per Click ads,
  • Automatic follow up sequences,
  • Running a business ethically,
  • Tracking Kpis,
  • Making offers,
  • Analyzing deals,
  • Overcoming objections,
  • and more…
Our group really runs the gamut. We have folks doing their first direct to seller deal all the way to folks who own over 1,000 units.

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If You're Ready To Create Cash Flow, We're ready for you to join us!