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November 4, 2019

Look I get it… First and foremost I’m a consumer just like you. One of the big things that we teach the guys in our mastermind is the importance of having online reviews for their “we buy houses” companies. Fortunately (or unfortunately) there isn’t a “Yelp” for people. So… Here’s a few folks I’ve worked with chatting about what the experience was like and their results.

Martin Campbell – Nashville TN

Summary: 1,500 pieces of mail before his 1st off-market deal!
Cost Per Acquisition: $2,000
Company: Creating Consistent Cash Flow Mastermind

Getting off-market deals in one of the hottest markets in the country. A CPA of 2k in Nashville is incredible.

It was just an absolutely brilliant experience all around.

– Martin

Ron Tucker – St. Louis, MO

2,000 pieces of mail got him a $10,000 wholesale deal and a Brrrr.
Cost Per Acquisition: $1,250
Company: Creating Consistent Cash Flow Mastermind

Ron was a full-time contractor who worked for investors and wanted to get into the action for himself. He tried driving for dollars and a few other things.

A month ago I blasted out two-thousand pieces of mail, got 12 leads, and worked em. I wholesaled one and am keeping one.



Are you buying deals from wholesalers? What’s the typical assignment fee that you’re paying?

Chase White – Cleveland, OH

Company: Ballpointmarketing.com

I was a little hesitant at first beause of the cost but I’m definitely glad I did it. My response rate was significantly more. I was at a closing last week and the seller brought your letter. I’ll be placing another order in the next couple days.

-Chase White


Tim Silk – Bloomington, IN

1,400 pieces of mail to his first $20,000 wholesale deal!
Cost Per Acquisition: $1,750
Company: Creating Consistent Cashflow Mastermind

I’m a 19-year-old college student and started with Ryan about a month ago. 1,400 pieces through the system and just inked a deal we’ll make right at $20,000 on!

-Tim Silk


Justin Peters -Fort Worth TX

Company: One on one mentorship
Summary: We audited their cold calling, partnership structure, and other lead gen systems.

Before working with Ryan we thought that we were doing everything the way that it should have been done. We thought we had all of our systems in place and just had this machine that was rockin and rollin.
– Justin Peters


Trey Pryce – Jacksonville, FL

Company: One on one Mentorship
Summary: Trey owned another business and wanted to diversify their income through real estate investing.
Result: 5 deals in 90 days.

When I first started I had no direction, no guidance, and I told him that. He said cool, here’s what I can do for you. Let’s do it. If you listen to what he tells you can make it happen.

– Trey Pryce

If you have a marketing budget of $3,000 a month and can handle one deal a month let’s hop on a call. Totally free and no strings attached. Let’s get you to the next level. – Ryan

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