Learn How I Made $371k in 1 Year as a 24 year Old Real Estate Investor!

Generate deals on demand for the lowest cost possible (sometimes no cost)..

2017 was the year that things really took off for me.

I stopped trying to wholesale to one sketchy buyer and started Reverse Wholesaling.

If you’re not familiar with reverse wholesaling it’s pretty straight forward:

You don’t have to estimate repair costs, run comps, scramble to find a buyer, use escape clauses, or lie.

You can operate with confidence knowing when you make an offer it’s a DONE DEAL.

Reverse wholesaling was a FANTASTIC way for me to get my feet wet and get a ton of experience in real estate.

I don’t typically sell anything other than my Create Cash Flow Mastermind but I shot a step by step course outlining EXACTLY how I made 371k: 

This isn’t a fluff course. It’s 23 videos of step-by-step actions to take.

PLUS a FREE Slack group with Intros to my CCF members that might want to buy your deals.

I’ve debated giving it away but in my experience, most people don’t value anything they’re just handed.

“iF YoUrE sO RiCH wHy dO YoU nEeD tO ChArGe fOR IT”

When you give someone a course they rarely ever open it let alone apply the information.

Let’s face it, yall need some skin in the game.

I’m only charging $97 + ALL profit after marketing costs will be donated to A21 an anti-human trafficking organization that focuses on prevention, rescue, and restoration.

Let’s change your life, help some folks in your community, and save some lives in the process. 

PS: My wife and I personally matched the first $10,000 that came in resulting in 21k being donated to A21 in the first 48 hours! 

PPS: This course is designed for folks on a budget that are looking to learn how to make a profit in real estate. This is not for you if you’re an established investor looking to scale that’s what CCF is for. 

…Introducing The Reverse Wholesaling Method by Ryan Dossey

Real Estate Investing is not easy and carries with it risks.

It takes time, effort, and capital to succeed. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t being honest. 

The aforementioned results are my own and there are no guarantees (implied or otherwise) that anyone else will get the same results.