8916 Fire Pink Ct

8916 Fire Pink Ct, Indianapolis, IN 46231

Purchase Price:






This SFR is a 2,300 sqft 3bd 1.5bth home located in Avon Indiana. This part of town is a B+ area with great schools, lots of employment, and very little inventory under 250k. We have flipped numerous SFR and Multi properties in Avon with zero issues.

Our scope of work is EXTREMELY light. We will be replacing a few section of carpet, doing some touch up paint, and skim coating the porch.

This is a little thinner than we’d typically do but given the area, minimal scope of work, and the fact that you can’t build this house for anywhere near this price it’s a no-brainer for us. I wouldn’t be surprised if we sell it to a fund. There are several funds active in the neighborhood paying retail or retail +.

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