12 Shady Ln

This A-Class property is located in one of the most desirable parts of Indiana called Carmel. The house is a 2,000 sqft 4 bedroom 3 bath house on a quiet cul-de-sac. Properties in Carmel never last long especially when they’re remodeled. Our scope of work on this property includes a new roof, HVAC system, mater […]

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8123 E 20th St

This project is to purchase, reposition, and sell five townhouses in a C-class condominium development. According to our market research, these places will sell quickly due to their size (4 beds / 3 baths 2,400 sqft) and affordability. Our scope of work is focused strictly on the interior of the units. While the exterior needs

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3502 Guilford Ave

This property is that we’re going to wholetale. We will purchase the home, clean it out, fix some small odds/ends and put it back on the market as a “turn-key” property. It’s a B-class house featuring 3 beds and 1 bath in North downtown Indianapolis. In order to get top dollar the property would need

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3520 Patton Dr

This B-class house located on the North West side of downtown Indianapolis will make an excellent rental or starter home. The property has 3 beds, 1 bath, 1,900 sqft, and a two-car garage. This property has multiple exits. Our scope of work on this home includes replacing windows, new Hvac, laying new flooring, painting the

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1233 Plymouth Rock Way

This home is located in Greenwood Indiana in a primarily owner occupied neighborhood. The home has been well taken care off and needs a minimal remodel. We will end up replacing the carpet, painting, landscaping, and some other minor odds/ends. This should be a relatively quick turnaround as homes in Greenwood under 250k are in

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665 Downing Dr

This primarily cosmetic remodel was located in Greenwood, Indiana. Greenwood is a SOLID A-class suburb of Indianapolis where members of our management team personally live. This home had been extremely well maintained but needed a new roof, carpet, paint, and some odds/ends. It took us 89 days from purchase to resale. On this particular home

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11280 Oldfield Dr

This property is located Carmel Indiana one of the most desirable places to live in the state. Carmel has fantastic schools, restaurants, and shops. The property was a 3bd/2.5bth but we turned it into a 4bd/3bth during our extensive remodel.  This particular project took roughly 6 months from purchase to sale. This project was fully

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1240 Yates Ln

This SFR is a modular home on an acre located in Avon Indiana; a suburb to the West of Indianapolis. The property is a 1,500 sqft 3 bedroom two bath that was built in 1989. Avon is an awesome community with great schools, amenities, and friendly neighbors. Our scope of work on this property includes

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