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White hat hacking tool to guarantee you show up in your buyer’s inboxes. 😉



The vast majority of wholesalers deals end up in the promotions or spam boxes on Gmail. What this means… Is that your buyers aren’t even seeing your deals… You may have 1k people on your list and only the ones who’ve whitelisted you are going to see your deals, until now.

I believe in white hat hacking.

White hat hacking is hacking in which there is no victim and no one is hurt.

It could be as simple as automating a task.

Say, logging into your Gmail, typing a message to someone, personalizing the message, clicking send, and doing 500 at a time.

Hypothetically something like this would show up in their inbox as if you personally typed them a message. It goes straight to the inbox with no unsubscribe link and no way for your receiver to identify that this wasn’t typed by you.

This is how I sell almost all of my deals. 

Disclaimer: This is ONLY for people who know how to use Excel, are tech-savvy, and willing to learn how to use the software. I’ve put together detailed instructions on it but I do not offer support on it.

Once you’ve downloaded the software it’s yours. As such, I do not offer refunds. There is no way for me to “deactivate” your copy.

This was one of my secrets and is a tool some of the top investors in the country are using every day.

1 review for Auto Emailer

  1. Jared graves

    Without ryans automailer our sales Would be cut in half. I’ve had over 50k in assIgnments come from this software. To put it in PERSPECTIVE thatS a 5,000% rEturn on investment. I use this daily software in my business and its all ran by our Va. tywn gave me the software in google drive. All i did is give my Va Access and bombs away.

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