Finding Deals On A Budget

February 14, 2020

Finding Ballin’ Deals On A Budget

One of the most common things I hear from people interested in joining our mastermind is that they don’t have the $3,000 a month we recommend for marketing. And I…. Freakin get it man.

My last year as a W2 employee PRE-TAX I pulled in a paltry $21,000. According to the United States Government, my ass was broke. Like, below the poverty line broke.

My job did their best to “make it fun”. I’m the kid all the way in the back on the left looking dead in the eyes. Maybe you can relate.

I don’t know if you’ve gone “full-time” as an investor or if you’re still grinding it out at a day job that you hate.

I do know that if you’re reading this learning from me for free sounded appealing so I’m going to make this one of the most actionable guides you’ve ever read.

If you follow exactly what I tell you to do in here with CONSISTENCY you will land a deal in no time. My average profit is $17,000 on a wholesale so… That doesn’t suck. See above for my last year as a W2 employee. 😜


I didn’t do this for you

I know we are close and all but…

I actually put this together for my mom.

I’m going to level with you. My dad has a job that requires him to travel 4 days a week and she’s over it. Her goal is to stack some cash and surprise him. Between you, me, and the fence post she’s bored out of her dang mind and wants him to quit.

I figure if this advice is good enough for her… It’s good enough for you.


I can’t guarantee you results and the world doesn’t owe you anything. If you were hoping to read a guide, add more “knowledge” and go about your day feel free to click the X in the top of this tab.

I put this together for those wanting to change their lives. Not consume like a forest fire.

What I’m going to recommend is going to cost you a few hundred bucks and some sweat equity. I’m going to give you my cell phone number if you’re for real about doing this, I’m also going to add you to a private slack community where you can ask for help, advice, and support.

Don’t waste either of our time if you’re not willing to put in the work.

I do 100 deals a year, have purchased 150+ units in the past two years, and run multiple 7-figure companies.


Let’s Go!!! – Hunting For Houses

Step one: Set up an account with Deal Machine.

Do that here:

That will get you a free 2 week trail + $40 of free mail.

I know what you’re thinking… Driving for dollars. I’ve heard of this. Maybe you’ve even tried it before.

Calm your cynical self down!

I’m not a huge fan of just driving all over creation looking for ugly houses. Who gives a crap if it’s an ugly house. That doesn’t mean they’re motivated. As someone who’s worked THOUSANDS of leads I can tell you… People are cool with living in squalor.

We aren’t D4d we are H4H. We’re after folks with motivation / financial distress and their ugly house owning neighbors.


Compiling Your Targets: Niche’ Lists

Step Two: Set up an account with Prop Stream.

Do that here:

What we’re now going to do is pinpoint folks with motivation or life drama going on. One of my buddies just pulled TWO DEALS off of this list of owner occupants in bankruptcy with equity on less than 300 pieces of mail. What would $20,000 mean for your family?

Here’s how to identify these houses:

While you’re there… subscribe for weekly content!

Your goal is a list of 200 properties with “stuff” going on PLUS equity. The PERFECT candidate for an investor. I would start with just a few zip codes or a small town. We ain’t trying to UBER through gas. We are going to get you paid.


Expired Listings W/ Equity

I just bought this McMansion to wholetale off this next list. We purchased it for just 259k and I’m listing it as-is at $320,000.

Did you think this only worked on Ugly houses? Think again!

The next list to work towards your count of 200 targets (minimum!) is going to be expired listings with equity. These are folks who’ve already tried to list it… That didn’t work. This house above? I snagged it for $100,000 below their most recent list price!

You can watch the training for that here:



Connect The Dots!

We’re going to use MapQuest’s Route Planner to map the fastest way from A-Z in batches of 26. You’re tried of spinning your wheels with no strategy, no action, and I’m tired of hearing people do it. Let’s go fam!

Watch the demo on that here:

What would a $25,000 check do for your family?

2019 was my “least profitable” year wholesaling because I focused on Buy & Hold. We snagged 70 units for our portfolio but STILL made another $400,000 selling the junk we didn’t want. What are you waiting for? This isn’t hypothetical. There are way less intelligent people than you and I cleaning up while you are on the sidelines.


I’m Going To Support You!

On my first deal I had 1,000 questions. So I’ve created a Slack Workspace where you can ask questions and I’ll even give you my cellphone number once you’re inside for emergency text support. Cost… $0.

Simply email me a screenshot of your deal machine account, your PropStream account, and your first mapquest map. Do it! Right Now! 99% of the people who look at this doc won’t do it. You’re going to “mean to do it” and forget the minute you close out of this if you don’t start it now. If you’re an action taker I’m going to be in your corner to make sure that you succeed.


Ryan Dossey

Please note that I have negotiated discounts/special pricing with several of the tools mentioned above. To compensate me for sending them folks I may get a small commission. I will never push or promote any tool that I haven’t personally seen results from.

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