Where most investors “miss” the mark

February 14, 2022

I’ve been involved in marketing as a real estate investor as well as a business owner since 2014. In the past seven years, we’ve seen dramatic changes in what consumers respond to.

It’s been estimated that Americans are subjected to between 4,000-10,000+ ads a day! Source

Real estate investors used to be able to get away with not having a brand or online presence at all. They could simply spam the marketplace with postcards/yellow letters and generate results. Back in the day, Facebook ads with stock images of cash and bad copy would generate results.

In our experience that is simply no longer the case.

Over the past several years consumer ad fatigue and discernment have grown exponentially. This is why we’ve moved to content with humor, value ad retargeting campaigns, mail written with pens, and built out an extensive online presence.

The fact of the matter is that niche products and services are getting more expensive to sell with paid ads. There’s a transition happening from interruption-marketing to more organic and evergreen marketing methods.

As real estate entrepreneurs being able to maintain a positive return on ad spend has become significantly more challenging.

I believe that we can easily see who is going to be successful in the long haul vs who isn’t.

As an entrepreneur building out social proof, organic shareable content, email lists, organic followers, and investing in SEO is crucial.

If you want to succeed in today’s marketplace you have to stand out from the crowd, be strategic, and relatable… not just loud.


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