CCF Mastermind 2.0

A community of 150+ like-minded real estate pros who have sourced over $700M in real estate in the last 5 years.

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Why you should join...


Systemize Your Real Estate Business



We’ll help keep you on your mission to scale in the next 90 days.

We have a green, yellow, and red system, tracking your milestones and keeping your accountable.


Private Slack Group


Weekly Knowledge-Packed Conversations

Every Wednesday we will host jam-packed Zoom calls with either Ryan Dossey, Wes, Janelle and Don, or a Guest CCF Community Leader.


Discounted Pricing on Products & Services


In-Person Masterminds

We will be hosting Quarterly masterminds for our CCF members only. This will be an in-person event across two days where we will group you based on your experience and goals, and conduct live workshops with you.

Meet the team...

Your BS-less & Honest Real Estate Guides.

Ryan Dossey

POC for Investors •  Serial Entrepreneur

Topics you’ll learn from Ryan:

Wes Litton

POC for Real Estate Agents  •  500 Realtor brokerage • $13M Investor Portfolio • Springfield, MO • 3k Transactions out of 2016

Topics you’ll learn from Wes:

Janelle & Don Carlson

“Middle Investor” •  400 People  •  Out-of-State Investor Masters  •  Hawaii

Topics you’ll learn from Janelle & Don:

Guest Speakers

New speaker every Quarter

Guest speakers will hop in the community and bring 3 targeted masterclasses on niched topics every quarter.

Monthly Calendar & Schedule

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Wins & Reviews

from our Community!

Casey Tevault

Simplified Offers: Los Angeles, CA

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Jonathan Seyfert

Cottontail Properties: Lake County, IL

Mitch Pater

Porchlight Properties Group: West Michigan

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Asa Triche

New Leaf Properties: Baton Rouge, LA

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Trey P.
Aaron Bihl

Murphy Home Buyers: San Antonio, TX

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Uchenna Egwuonwu

Baby Back Rehabs: St Louis, MO

Daniel & Nelisa

Evergreen Home Buyers: Jacksonville, FL

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Ron Tucker

Solace Properties: St Louis, MO

Rebecca Baur

Next Page Properties: Warrenton, MO

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Kevin Bazazzadeh

Brilliant Day Properties: Houston, TX

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Billy Fernandes

Bumble Bee Properties: North Texas

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Clay Redman

Down Home Properties: Coweta County, GA

Derrick Oliver

Clear Creek Properties: Salt Lake City, UT

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Chris Draper

Premier Home Buyers: Houston, TX

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Amanda Campbell

Sunset Property Team: Denver, CO

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Andres Rodriguez

Orbit Properties: Jacksonville, FL

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Josh Hanson

Red Gate Properties: Des Moines, IA

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Cole Blackburn

Pinecone Properties: Vancouver, WA

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Dalwin Garcia

Blue Anchor Properties: Northern NJ

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:: Disclaimer ::

Real estate investing is risky! It takes credit, capital, had work, and construction knowledge. There are no guarantees in real estate investing. Our clients results are their own. No guarantees are offered or implied. Anyone who tells you this business is easy or risk free is lying.

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