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Stuck in the "6-Figure Hamster Wheel"...

When I started in REI I was stuck in two “rat races”… 


The first “hamster wheel” was my salary job. 


The second was — like most investors— the “investor hamster wheel”.


This is where your deal generation is like a roller coaster: Where one day you’re in heaven because that fat deal is closing. The next day… after your “happy hormone” starts to settle down… the anxiety kicks in!


… You realize you have NO other deals lined up, and no other quality leads. 

… You realize you can’t rely on the MLS for consistent deals.

… You realize that this inconsistency won’t pull you out of the your W-2 rat race.


Bottom line: You need more deals!

You need more consistency.

Either through having a “round the clock” flipping operation. 

Or building a large enough portfolio to pay for all your family’s expenses.

But regardless of your choice… 

… It’s no fun being stuck in “limbo“. 

Where you don’t know whether or not you’ll have consistent cash flow someday while dealing with a W-2 job you hate.

This is EXACTLY what I struggled with and what the majority of investors are dealing with right now.

But you don’t have to live like this.

In fact, a while back, while I was away with my wife on vacation for 1 week, here’s what got done: 

  1. “I” contracted 3 wholesale deals
  2. Assigned 1 for $30k
  3. Got a 10-unit building under contract
  4. Closed on a 5-unit property

Well over $100k in 1 week. But the best part is:

“I” didn’t do anything.

I didn’t make any decisions on those deals. I didn’t talk to a single seller. I didn’t talk to a single employee or agent. And all this happened while I was in Paris, France.

But this isn’t just a “1-time” event. I routinely take time off while my business is stacking equity and transaction checks for me.

Nor is this “auto-pilot” bizz exclusive to me…

For example, there’s my friend Steve Uhlig. While he was celebrating his anniversary in Mexico he messaged me this:

"Finally closed the $30K assignment fee while I was in Mexico celebrating my 10 year anniversary the other week… I used to make $30K a year before taxes… It came from a postcard directed to Absentee Owners with equity in the top 10 hottest cash deal zip codes…"
Steve Uhlig
Guardian Property Solutions

And Mike Dehaan, a wholesaler and investor in Spokane, WA, said this:

"Ya my guys have closed quite a few deals while I’m away over the past couple years… My guys have closed deals with me in Egypt, Costa rica, and soon to be Europe and Africa this year haha…"
Mike Dehaan
INW Porperties

And Jonathan Seyfert, a full-time doctor and passive investor who said this:

"I've built a wealth portfolio in under a year, for my family, worth over $4 million, by just working 5-10 hours per week on REI"
Jonathan Seyfert
Cottontail Properties

(both of these BTW are CCF mastermind members)
But let me say this first…

This type of business DOES NOT happen overnight. Nor is it easy!

It takes:

  • Knowledge – (of marketing and the real estate industry in general)
  • Sales skills – (Whether it’s you or someone else, closing skills have to be executed well)
  • Marketing skills – (know what lists to pull and how to pull them, knowing how to build your local brand so that deals come to you)
  • Team building skills – (To have a BUSINESS—rather than another job or being a solopreneur—we have to have good teams. And there is a skill set to this.)
  • Support – (You will encounter issues and questions that need immediate help from other experienced investors)

… And most importantly it takes patience.

We teach all this plus more (including the mindset shifts you need), inside our Create Cash Flow Mastermind, where you'll find over 350 ACTIVE investors all there willing to support and help you.

… Yes, it’s not cheap (low 5 figures a year… but one wholesale/flip/equity check will more than cover it).

… Yes, it’s a 12-month commitment

… Yes, it takes work and patiences to build a deal generating business

But we have the strongest success track record for building successful off-market investors and businesses. Check out our community wins below.

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