Buyers List Emails

January 26, 2021

I see folks trying to put together these super sexy graphic heavy emails to their buyers and it is NOT necessary.

The more graphics and links you use the more likely Gmail is to throw your deal into their spam or promotions box.

This is how we do it. This is a real email I sent out to our buyers list last week that resulted in selling this deal.

Notice… I’m not telling them what the house is worth. I’m not telling them how much it needs in repairs.

Your buyers list emails need to be stupidly simple.

  1. Address
  2. Link to pics
  3. Asking price
  4. Their next step if they want the deal
  5. A brief description of why you want it

Anything other than those 5 points and you’re wasting your time and theirs. Serious buyers don’t need you to tell them the Roi, profit margin, or any of that BS.

If you want (or need) more buyers for your deals this is how I’ve personally found all of mine… Enjoy!

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