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Casey Tevault

Simplified Offers: Los Angeles, CA

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Jonathan Seyfert

Cottontail Properties: Lake County, IL

Daniel & Nelisa

Evergreen Home Buyers: Jacksonville, FL

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Dalwin Garcia

Blue Anchor Properties: Northern NJ

Derrick Oliver

Clear Creek Properties: Salt Lake City, UT

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Chris Draper

Premier Home Buyers: Houston, TX

From broke telemarketer  to serial entrepreneur

4 active businesses—One being an off-market flipping operation— and his own personal 7-figure real estate portfolio.

Ryan didn’t start with money. He didn’t even graduate high school. But he got his start in real estate after realizing he can’t support a family as a low-wage telemarketer.


After years of talking with sellers, building a real estate business with full staff, creating a large portfolio of rentals for himself, and creating multiple ventures inside the REI industry… he’s committed to helping other investors along their journey as well.